How do you know that sustainability has been successfully integrated into your company?

A positive sustainability report in line with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) is of course an objective yardstick, but sustainability is expressed on many levels - from integrated management processes and soft skills through to automatic employee behaviours.

Management is up-to-date

Management can provide information at all times on the degree to which sustainability is embedded in the company.

Employees are up-to-date

Employees understand and identify with the sustainability report - it is not just a PR tool.

Recycling is a priority

Sales and marketing view environmental compatibility as a valuable product feature and not as an unnecessary add-on.

Code of Conduct

Employees intervene as a matter of course if corporate values are compromised; they do not regard these values as empty words.

Walk the talk

Management lives and works in accordance with the code of conduct and the principles of Integrated Sustainability.

Personnel selection

Individual commitment to sustainability is a selection criterion for recruiting new staff.

Everyday sustainability awareness

Staff think about the conservation of natural resources in their daily work, even in small matters such as turning off the lights when leaving a room.

High degree of identification with the company

Employees are proud of the fact that the company actively meets its responsibilities.