How does Integrated Sustainability promote career and life planning?

It is that extra portion of commitment, resourcefulness and sense of individual responsibility that makes an average employee into an outstanding one. This 'added extra' is a gift from the employee. Regardless of the employee's position or salary, the company cannot lay claim to this.

Activate untapped potential

88% of all German employees feel no real commitment to their employers. Of these, 68% do their job and no more, and, in their hearts, 20% have already handed in their notice. (Gallup Engagement Index - PDF 176 KB). They are not contributing that little bit extra that would give your company a clear competitive edge.

Motivate and generate employee identification

Many employees would contribute more if they felt motivated. To ensure your employees give that bit extra over the long term, you need to create a corporate culture that makes demands less indiscriminately, offers more freedom and support, and integrates career and life planning - you must be an attractive employer on many levels. Through Integrated Sustainability, you can align the personal values of individual employees with the mission and direction of the company.