What are the benefits of sustainability for your company?

Integrated Sustainability involves either building a new and unique corporate culture or fundamentally changing the current culture. It means setting in motion a development process that opens up opportunities for the company at all levels; it makes the company's good reputation - together with high product performance and quality sales and marketing - a hard fact in the market and among competitors.

Guiding principles

Integrated Sustainability gives your company a comprehensive body of guiding principles that meet political and public demands for corporate and social responsibility.

Communicating the corporate reality

Integrated Sustainability projects the corporate reality to the outside world through transparent sustainability reports.


Integrated Sustainability encourages management and staff to internalise sustainable thinking and action, to participate more actively in the company and to develop greater commitment.


Integrated Sustainability enables you to steer operations in the difficult area of sustainability management by drawing together all existing activities relating to environmental and social responsibility.

Corporate sustainability parameters

Integrated Sustainability delivers specific sustainability parameters uniquely matched to your company, over and above the general parameters provided in the sustainability report.