How can sustainability drive efficient cooperation?

If we view individual actions through the lens of sustainability, we notice that these actions generate impacts at different levels of the corporate environment:

  • Horizontally - they influence the individual employee, other teams and departments
  • Vertically - they continually influence the achievement of long-term strategic objectives.

Many everyday problems that arise in the interaction between individuals resolve themselves once people begin to recognise the wide-ranging consequences of their own actions and gain an awareness of the interrelationships between actions across the company.


What are the prerequisites for enhancing team performance?


A clear objective is defined for teamwork.


Everyone fully commits to this objective.


The right people with the right skills are brought into the team.


Internal cooperation continually adapts to changing conditions.

Control panel

The internal change process is continually fine-tuned at three points.


Work efficiency control panel

The control panel can be used to continually influence and improve team performance. It is always applied to the current task and objectives - it is not an end in itself.